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I received an invitation to a participate in some research How was I selected for this research?

There are 2 possibilities :
1: You were selected from a list of all households in Belgium. Households were selected at random to provide a representative sample of all Belgian households. 
2: You signed up to our household panel

Do I have to participate?

No, of course not. But we hope you will. Your answers will help make the research a success.

Who will see my answers?

Only the research staff. Your answers will be strictly confidential.

How is my privacy protected

Privacy   Any information you provide as part of our research program is strictly confidential. This data will only be available to the people directly involved in the research. In no circumstances will individual data be provided to third parties.   If you any questions about how you data will be used, please feel free to contact us:  

Bryan Cassady
Roggelaan 15
8500 Kortrijk

Tel : 0475 860 757

Is this research registered with the privacy commission  ?

Yes. You can find more information on site of the Belgian Privacy Commission (www.privacycommission.be) Registration number HM003004619